PlasTell now identifies more plastic materials

July 14, 2023
The Pro version of the device can identify all common plastics, including PE, PP, PS, PC and ABS, and is now battery-powered for portability.

PlasTell Equipped with a near-infrared scanner, this device for identifying plastics has applications for a wide range of users, including PET processors and compounders. Recyclers — among Matoha’s biggest customers — can use the device to spot-check materials, segregate clumped plastics or train workers to identify plastics. Users can view statistics and save data about the materials the device identifies. 

What’s new? An upgraded version of the PlasTell, which Matoha launched in 2019. In March, the company released a new version — the PlasTell Pro — capable of identifying even more plastic and rubber materials, including polybutylene terephthalate, TPU and PVC; in addition, to make it more portable, the new version now is powered by battery. 

Benefits Proper identification of plastics so that they can be processed or recycled correctly. Using the device is easy and safe, and results — which are generated in under a second — are reliable. The device can identify all common plastics, including PE, PP, PS, PC and ABS. 

Matoha Instrumentation Ltd., London, 44-786-863-9607, 

Vital Statistics 


6.7 inches by 5.9 inches by 3.9 inches 


1.1 pounds 

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