Evo Fusion produces film from recyclate

Feb. 17, 2023
Reifenhäuser's system turns film shreds, production waste and post-consumer recycled material directly into blown films, bypassing regranulation.

Evo Fusion Reifenhäuser has developed a technology that allows processors to turn film shreds, production waste and postconsumer recycled (PCR) material into blown films for higher-value products. Reifenhäuser’s twin-screw Evo Fusion extruder improves melt homogeneity to provide a stable process. Processors can also remove unwanted components by degassing the melt. 

What’s new? Evo Fusion. 

Benefits Higher-value end products. The Evo Fusion lets users turn previously unusable, low-quality recyclates into products that include trash bags or mailing bags. This allows blown film processors to avoid downcycling, which would relegate PCR plastics to use in simple, thick-walled injection-molded products. Using the Evo Fusion saves time, energy and money, allowing processors to bypass the costly step of regranulation and produce film directly from recyclate 

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