Customize Raptor Duo to fit your needs

March 14, 2023
Rapid Granulator offers 36 base configurations for the machines, which combine the functionality of a shredder and a granulator.

Raptor Duo series Rapid Granulator’s Raptor series of shredders make it possible to recycle a wide range of thermoplastics.   

What’s new? The Raptor Duo models within the Raptor series. Offering the functionality of a shredder and granulator in a single unit, they feature a patent-pending “open-hearted” design that makes maintenance and cleaning easier. The new design gives direct access to the entire cutting chamber in less than a minute. Rapid displayed the Raptor Duo at K 2022. 

Benefits Customizable configurations. Rapid offers 36 base configurations of the Raptor for a variety of applications; they can come in widths of 31.5 inches or 53 inches, and with a choice of three cutting systems: Quad Cut, Claw and Power Wedge. Delivery of the Raptor Duo is set to begin this quarter. 

Rapid Granulator Inc., Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, 724-584-5220, 

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