Erema's EcoGentle improves productivity

Feb. 15, 2023
The plasticizing technology for Vacurema systems handles melt gently, allowing for a wider process window that leads to energy savings and improved quality.

Vacurema This Erema portfolio of circular-economy technologies includes systems for PET bottle-to-bottle recycling, and in-line PET and PET fiber recycling, as well as for HDPE flakes. The systems vary based on material input and customer needs, but features include energy efficiency and the potential for producing recyclate that meets food-contact requirements.  

What’s new? Erema’s new EcoGentle plasticizing technology, which enables a throughput of up to 6.6 tons per hour. For now, Erema is focused on PET recycling, but it’s also working to upgrade technologies for polyolefin recycling. 

Benefits Greater productivity, improved recyclate quality and greatly reduced energy requirements. Because of the gentle way it handles the melt, the EcoGentle plasticizing technology allows for a wider process window, making it even easier to compensate for fluctuations in input material without negatively impacting process stability. The significantly lower temperature of the process results in lower acetaldehyde values — meaning the quality of the recycled PET pellets is better. Also, in one comparison of a Vacurema system that now boasts the technology, one model cited by Erema uses as much as 12 percent less energy.  

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