Condenso removes VOCs from process air

Jan. 25, 2023
The Piovan technology is energy-efficient, using a specially designed heat exchanger.

Condenso Designed for use in the recycling process, this Piovan technology complements drying and dehumidifying equipment by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from process air, as well as serving as an energy-recovery system. It uses condensation to capture VOCs, and incorporates the company’s PureTech filter system for mechanical filtration of dust and chemical filtration of VOCs. 

What’s new? Condenso, which Piovan displayed at K 2022.  

Benefits Energy efficiency. Condenso uses a specially designed heat exchanger that collects some of the heat from the incoming air and transfers it to the outgoing air, allowing it to minimize consumption of cooling water and heating power. It has quick connections to allow the heat exchanger to be removed easily, simplifying maintenance. Condenso can be added to an existing drying/dehumidifying system, and it can rely on its own control system, or it can be controlled by Piovan’s GMP and GenesysNext dryers. Condenso modules can be installed in parallel for higher flow rates. 

Universal Dynamics Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., 703-490-7000, 

Vital Statistics 




Maximum process air flow  

52,972 cubic feet per hour 

88,287 cubic feet per hour 

123,601 cubic feet per hour 

Maximum cooling water flow rate  

872 gallons per hour 

1,479 gallons per hour 

2,113 gallons per hour 
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