Electronic sniffer has nose for recycling odors

Jan. 13, 2023
Piovan's Odor Minder monitors odors given off by recyclate so recyclers can be sure the smell is acceptable.

Odor Minder This electronic “nose” from Piovan Group SpA., Maria di Sala, Italy, works in conjunction with the group’s EasyPure deodorization equipment for recycling polyolefins, such as PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE. It uses sensors to detect and measure unwanted odors from up to 25 substances. Users can set thresholds to guarantee the smell of the recyclate is acceptable. In the U.S., Universal Dynamics represents Piovan.

What’s new? The Odor Minder, which works with a variety of waste streams, including packaging for food and other items. 

Benefits Sensitive, stable, real-time monitoring of odor emissions. With the Odor Minder, users can optimize their process, being sure to treat material as much as is needed, but not more. 

Universal Dynamics Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., 703-490-7000, http://unadyn.piovan.com   
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