Castech machines can now add recyclates

Nov. 11, 2022
New dosing system from Huntsman allows up to 25 percent recycled content.

Dosing system Huntsman’s Castech dosing machines are used in the manufacture of durable hot-cast PU elastomer parts such as wheels, casters and rollers for demanding applications, which can include mining equipment, warehouse vehicles and even rollercoaster rides at amusement parks.  

What’s new? The dosing system, which is compatible with Castech machines produced after 2018. Using the dosing system, machine operators can add up to 25 percent recycled content by weight to parts made with the company’s Tecnothane engineering elastomer systems. 

Benefits Improved sustainability. Customers using the dosing system can add fillers including solid PU and TPU, recycled rubber and fibers. Depending on the application’s requirements, the added recyclates can vary in density and size, offering performance or cost benefits. Incorporating recycled content into engineering elastomer systems can cause air to be entrapped, which can hurt component quality, but the company says the dosing system has been designed to minimize that risk.  

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