Erema North America to offer materials test capability

April 15, 2021
Erema's technical center in Ipswich, Mass., has commissioned an ISEC evo 302 machine that customers can test their materials on.

Erema Group GmbH subsidiary Pure Loop is bringing its North American customers the ability to test its shredder-extruder recycling systems using their own materials. The Ansfelden, Austria-based company already offers this service in Europe, and has commissioned an ISEC evo 302 machine for the technical center of sister company Erema North America, based in Ipswich, Mass.

The machine can be configured to meet a range of requirements for filtration and degassing. Erema will be able to run tests on potential customers’ materials, then provide them with a report detailing the characteristics of the recycled pellets produced. Customers can attend the test run in person, view a live video conference or receive a video recording of the test.

“The U.S.A. and Canada are important markets for the in-house recycling segment that we serve with our local sales partners. With this machine that our American customers can also use to carry out non-binding test runs with their material, we confirm the significance of this market,” said Manfred Dobersberger, managing director of Pure Loop.