Ampacet masterbatch aids sorting of black plastics

April 12, 2021
A new grade is designed for use in monolayer PET bottles and containers that hold products with a high proportion of alcohol, such as hand sanitizer.

REC-NIR-BLACK Ampacet’s line of black masterbatches are near-infrared (NIR) transparent so that containers incorporating them can be sorted via NIR optical sensors for recycling. NIR sorting, used in many recycling facilities, is limited by its inability to identify and separate plastics that contain carbon black, the most commonly used black pigment. Packaging using REC-NIR-BLACK masterbatch products can be scanned using NIR technology for automated sorting, allowing the recycling of black packaging waste.  

What’s new? REC-NIR-BLACK High Alcohol, a grade suitable for monolayer PET bottles and containers holding products with a high proportion of alcohol, such as wine and spirits, hand sanitizers, household cleaners, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. The new grade is the result of the company’s sustainable development program to create products that help protect the environment. 

Benefits Sustainability. Using the masterbatch can keep black plastic packaging out of landfills and reduce its carbon footprint by allowing it to have a second life.  

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