Washing line cleans impurities for recycled PET flakes

April 29, 2021
The BoReTech line is compact and energy efficient, combining the functions of washing with rinsing.

Hydro washer With a footprint measuring 32 square feet, this BoReTech washing line has a high-speed cleaning mode and special, internal structure designed to remove impurities and additives from the surface of PET flakes. In the U.S., John Xu represents the Chinese company; he can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected]. 

What’s new? A new, more compact design, which came out last year.  

Benefits A minimal footprint, with greater rinsing efficiency than traditional vertical rinsing equipment. The washing line combines the functions of hot washing and rinsing and, compared with its predecessor, the Hydro washer also now uses less energy. The unit is efficient and stable in operation, and easy to maintain. 

BoReTech Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd., Pinghu, China, 86-573-8513-6190www.bo-re-tech.com