Additive enhances recycled polymers' physical properties

May 10, 2021
Britec Solutions' BTec REA360 Regrind Enhancing Additive can control odors and improve processing performance.
This story appeared in the May 2021 edition ofPlastics Recycling magazine.

Britec Solutions Inc.’s BTec REA360 Regrind Enhancing Additive improves the physical properties of recycled polymers, controls or eliminates odors and enhances processing performance, according to the company.

Britec Solutions data shows the physical properties of regrinds and recycled resins are restored to levels similar to virgin grades for polypropylene and polyethylene at very low use rates of 0.1 percent to 0.5 percent.

Injection molders, blow molders, compounders, recyclers and extrusion processors using the additive can significantly increase the volume of regrind materials without loss of performance while increasing processing efficiencies, according to the company.

BTec REA360 is available in pellet and liquid form and disperses easily in polypropylene and polyethylene, according to the company.

When properly incorporated into the polymer, the additive’s benefits include:

  • Enhancing processing performance
  • Improving physical properties of regrinds and recycled resins
  • Protecting against polymer oxidation during processing
  • Preventing discoloration
  • Increasing output efficiencies
  • Eliminating nitrogen- and sulfur-based odors
  • Stabilizing melt fracture in recycling and extrusion processes.

BTec REA360 is FDA compliant for use in direct food contact applications. The company introduced the product in mid-2020.

A recycler in Texas, while reprocessing HDPE consisting of mixed color and mixed melt (post-consumer regrinds) and 2 percent carbon black color concentrate, reported improved physical properties from the addition of BTec REA360, according to Britec Solutions. The recycler added 0.03 percent BTec REA360 to its regrind feedstock, and the Izod impact strength improved by 37 percent and the flexural modulus improved by more than 30 percent, according to the company. In addition, melt flow was enhanced and stabilized, which contributed to more than an 18 percent increase in production output.

An Ohio injection molder increased the regrind content of a polypropylene molded living hinge closure component from 10 percent regrind to 75 percent regrind with the addition of 0.05 percent BTec REA360. This allowed regrind from a larger non-related part to be incorporated into the production. The result was a savings in resin costs coupled with a 4 percent increase in production rates.

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