Interlink makes more data available

March 1, 2021
Sesotec's new modules integrate data from metal detectors, separators and X-ray inspection systems into PPS and ERP systems.

Interlink Sesotec has made it easy to integrate its metal detectors, metal separators and X-ray inspection systems into centralized control systems. Interlink modules connect to the equipment and can be used in facilities where all relevant production equipment is integrated into a central ERP or production planning system (PPS), and the network allows secure and simple data exchange. Interlink offers secure and efficient sharing of data via OPC-UA protocols between central control systems and Sesotec’s equipment for the plastics, recycling and food industries.

What’s new? Interlink, which brings Industry 4.0 and IIoT capabilities to more equipment.

Benefits A more complete picture of overall plant performance. By incorporating data from more equipment into central control systems, decision makers gain the information they need to detect errors, improve efficiencies and traceability, track machine attrition and increase uptime. Interlink can be used to open the benefits of Sesotec’s digital services, including predictive maintenance, remote commissioning and remote access.

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