Exair vacuum can handle wet or dry materials

Nov. 2, 2020
EasySwitch employs a quick, toolless method for changing the filter and attaches to any 55-gallon drum to handle tough industrial cleanup jobs.

EasySwitch: This wet-dry vacuum from Exair makes it simple to change between picking up dry materials or liquids and is designed to handle tough industrial cleanup jobs. To vacuum dry materials, a filter is installed; to pick up liquids, the user removes the filter. The unit attaches to any 55-gallon drum, and the vacuum is powered by compressed air. It runs at 79 decibels, which won’t harm the operator’s hearing. 

What’s new? The EasySwitch, Exair’s first-ever wet/dry vacuum. It has a patent pending for its quick, toolless method for changing the filter.  

Benefits: Safe, reliable operation. The EasySwitch has no motor or moving parts to wear out or get clogged, and it avoids the safety hazards posed by electric vacuums working with liquids. EasySwitch is available in a basic configuration that includes a 10-foot-long vacuum hose and plastic tools, a 20-foot-long compressed air hose, shutoff valve and gauge. Other versions are available, including one that includes a drum, drum dolly, heavy-duty tools, a tool holder and HEPA filter. Pricestart at $1,795. 

Exair Corp., Cincinnati, 513-671-3322, www.exair.com