Virtus shredder/granulator saves floor space

Oct. 29, 2020
SG line has a new controller, a small footprint and can reduce energy consumption by monitoring load and adjusting the electricity used to match demand.

SG: Virtus Equipment’s SG line combines the functionality of a single-shaft shredder with a three-blade granulator rotor in one integrated unit. The line size-reduces injection molded, blow molded, extruded, thermoformed and rotomolded parts, and thicker materials like purgingsA gearbox drives the shredder, while the granulator is driven by a separate belt drive; the independent drive mechanisms allow for greater control over the size-reduction process.  

What’s new? A new control panel. Its sequenced controls allow the shredder and granulator to be shut down in the correct order to allow the material to be cleaned out.  

Benefits: Space savings. With a footprint of 11 feet by 6.5 feet, it can handle all size-reduction steps in a small area, opening up floor space. Its hydraulic ram automatically feeds material, and a Virtus Smart Drive system can reduce energy consumption by monitoring load and adjusting the electricity used to match demand. Rare-earth magnets mounted between the shredder and granulator capture any metal that enters the machine, protecting against damage. 

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