Compactor densifies foamed EPS

July 6, 2020
Brohn Tech's latest offering uses a screw to compress expanded PS and the heat from the machine's exhaust to force air out of the foam.

This story appeared in the Summer 2020 edition of Plastics Recycling magazine.

Styro-Hybrid: Expanded PS (EPS) recycling equipment specialist Brohn Tech has added to its portfolio with this movable EPS compactor. The compactor works in two ways: It has a screw that compresses material, and it reuses exhaust heat to force air from the foam. The Styro-Hybrid can be used by waste-management companies.

What’s new? The compactor. Based off the design of the trailer-mounted Styro-Portapactor, which garnered the National Waste Recycling Association’s 2019 Recycle Equipment Innovator of the Year award for Brohn Tech, it is just now hitting the market. It can be used as a stationary unit or trailer- or hitch-mounted.

Benefits Cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Powered by a gas engine, the Styro-Hybrid is mobile and does not require access to electricity. The foamed material it processes is transformed into dense plastic that is ready to be used in new products.

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