Optical sorters monitor, analyze data

March 16, 2020

This story appeared in the Winter 2020 edition of Plastics Recycling.

Mistral+ and Mistral+ Film
 Pellenc’s Mistral+ sorter can be used by MRFs and recycling facilities for handling plastic waste. The Mistral + Film is designed especially for film, taking aim at such contaminants as PP, PVC, PS, HDPE, metals and fibers. Both series of machines include models with widths of 3.9 feet, 5.2 feet, 6.6 feet, 7.9 feet and 9.2 feet; the Mistral + line also includes 2.6-footer. A Mistral+ is shown. 

What’s new? Availability of Smart & Share, a new Industry 4.0 service from Pellenc that continuously monitors and analyzes data collected by Pellenc optical sorters.  

Benefits Hands-off data collection and analysis, and more efficient sorting. Pellenc’s Smart & Share service automatically analyzes data for its users, then provides recommendations on improving sorting operations. As a result of the service’s recommendations, users can reduce downtime, increase productivity and profitability, and make their equipment last longer. 

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