Sorting system relies on deep learning to ID recyclables

April 6, 2020
Tomra has updated its AutoSort with optional software called Gain that uses algorithms to ejection PE/silicon cartridges from a PE stream.

AutoSort As objects move past on a 16.4-foot conveyor belt, this sorting system from Tomra uses sensors to identify materials and colors. The technology can handle a variety of waste streams and objects, including packaging, mixed plastics and commercial and industrial waste. Four widths of conveyors are available: 5.9 feet, 7.2 feet, 9.2 feet and 11.8 feet. 

What’s new? An add-on called Gain. Using deep-learning technology, Gain is able to adapt to new waste streams. The first version of the new option uses algorithms to ejection PE/silicon cartridges from a PE stream.  

Benefits Greater material purity. Gain increases AutoSort’s sorting effectiveness. 

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