Filtration unit has zero liquid discharge, now available in US

Feb. 15, 2017

ZLD water filtration The STF Group, Aicha vorm Wald, Germany, has expanded the availability of its water filtration line, which it promotes as a zero-liquid-discharge, or ZLD, system. Designed for use with STF washing lines in PET recycling facilities, this wastewater recycling system comprises multiple filtration steps. The washing line uses vibratory screens, high-speed centrifuges, decanters and continuous belt filters to remove contaminants, such as highly concentrated sugars from beverage bottles and carbons from grease and detergent containers. 

What's new? U.S. availability of the system, which has been marketed in Europe for about two years. In the U.S., Zimmer America Recycling Solutions, or ZARS, is STF's exclusive partner.

Benefits Conservation of resources and environmental protection against contaminants. With the system, 100 percent of water used to clean plastic scrap can be reused within the recycling line. 

ZARS, Spartanburg, S.C., 864-464-0007,