Techman cobots integrate AI, vision

June 22, 2023
The TM25S, newest in the line, has a 55-pound payload, 6.2-foot reach and enhanced motor speed.

TM AI Cobot S series The collaborative robots (cobots) in this Techman series feature a built-in vision system and artificial intelligence, which the company said can offer seamless integration and enhanced productivity for tasks including machine tool operations and assembly tasks.  

What’s new? The line’s newest cobot, the TM25S, which debuted in May at Automate 2023. It has a 55-pound payload, and what Techman said is the longest reach available in its class, topping 6.2 feet. Its control box has an IP54 rating, offering increased protection against dust and water. 

Benefits Cycle time and repeatability improvements. The company said cobots in this series feature enhanced motor speed, which can increase cycle time by as much as 25 percent, and, in certain models, can improve repeatability by as much as 70 percent compared with older products.  

Techman Robot Inc., Taoyuan, Taiwan, 886-3-3288-350, 

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