Kivnon pallet stacker can reach higher

March 22, 2023
The K55 AGV has a load capacity of up to 2,645 pounds, and has increased its maximum lift height to as much as 4.9 feet.

K55 pallet stacker Kivnon’s updated forklift pallet stacker automates internal material transport, dispatch of goods, pallet storage and warehousing tasks in a facility. This automated guided vehicle (AGV) has lifting forks that can adapt to any open bottom or euro-pallet storage application, and it can move at speeds between 0.3 feet per second and 3.2 feet per second. It has a compact footprint, with a length of 5.9 feet, width of 2.7 feet and a height of 5.8 feet. 

What’s new? Increased capabilities. This updated pallet stacker has a load capacity of up to 2,645 pounds, and has increased its maximum lift height more than a foot and a half, to as much as 4.9 feet high.    

Benefits Improved process efficiency. The K55’s automated transportation capabilities free workers up for higher-value tasks. It uses mapping navigation to guide itself on its routes and incorporates security scanners to allow it to provide versatile, plant-wide logistics while operating safely among people and other machines. It can be adapted to connect to fleet management systems.    

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