Meusburger expands hot-runner diagnostic device's compatibility

June 28, 2023
New model of the compact ProfiTEMP TM line is available with a pin assignment 121 connector configuration.

ProfiTEMP TM This compact hot-runner diagnostic device from Meusburger can check systems with up to 12 heating zones, and can test heaters, sensors and wiring; it also can be used to heat or preheat hot runners. It has both an Ethernet and a USB port.  

What’s new? Model RH 1100, which is available with pin assignment 121 connector configuration.

Benefits Fast troubleshooting. When the ProfiTEMP TM diagnoses an error, it lists possible causes and provides the operator steps for correcting the problem. The device features a 7-inch touch screen and 15 language options. Users can save test results as a PDF file on a USB flash drive. 

Meusburger US Inc., Mint Hill, N.C., 704-526-0330,

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