PCS device speeds hot-runner inspection process

Jan. 10, 2023
With the CableXChecker, molders can test a 24-pin cable in less than 1 minute with 100 percent accuracy.

CableXChecker Best practices call for hot-runner systems to be inspected at every mold change for problems such as crimps, plug wear or breakage. These problems need to be addressed promptly, or they can disrupt production and cause expensive downtime. PCS' CableXChecker device automates the inspection process. It has a carry handle and industry-standard controller connections, and is powered by a single 9-volt battery. 

What’s new? The CableXChecker, which comes in two models: the KTX10121 for testing 12 zones and the KT1285 for testing five, eight and 12 zones. 

Benefits Ease of use and speed. Traditionally, inspections are conducted with a multimeter or Ohmmeter, requiring a total of 576 individual pin-to-pin tests. In less than a minute, the CableXChecker can test a 24-pin cable with 100 percent accuracy, eliminating human error.   

PCS Company, Fraser, Mich., 800-521-0546,www.pcs-company.com 

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