Compact nozzles can be installed in cold systems

April 26, 2021
Mold-Masters has updated its FusionG2 F3000/F4000 nozzles with smaller diameters, along with new compact heater sleeves.

Fusion-series G2 F3000/F4000 nozzles These nozzles, designed for Mold-Masters’ Fusion-series G2 hot-runner system, can be installed without having to heat the system, or change gate seals, actuators or runner channels.  

What’s new? An update that has made the nozzles smaller as well as a new compact heater sleeve design. The newest nozzles have the same runner channel diameters as their comparable predecessors, but their outer diameters have been reduced by up to 30 percent  

Benefits Significantly improved gating access and design flexibility for technical applications. The new heater sleeves protect electrical wiring and prevent accidental damage from handling or installation. Also, because the nozzles can be installed in cold conditions, operators avoid the risk of burns. 

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