TempMaster-ME provides precise hot-runner control

April 23, 2021
Mold-Masters' newest hot-runner controller is its most economical.

TempMaster-ME This new hot-runner temperature controller from Mold-Masters comes in two versions: six zones or 12 zones. Features include tool storage, mold diagnostics, soft start, plastic leak detection and ground fault detection. 

What’s new? The controller, which came out in February. Mold-Masters simplest unit, it has a 5-inch touch screen.  

Benefits Ease of use. The TempMaster-ME is Mold-Masters most economical hot-runner temperature controller. It offers precise temperature control and intuitive operation. Simple and easy to maintain, it is affordable and available with short lead times. 

Mold-Masters, Georgetown, Ontario, 905-877-0185, www.moldmasters.com