Valve-gate controllers have Industry 4.0 features

June 2, 2020
SISE has expanded its family of valve-gate controllers with the GC line.

GC SISE has revamped its valve-gate controller line with the introduction of its GC controllers. Its new sequential valve-gate controllers, the GC’Access and GC’Tech, have Industry 4.0 features that allow them to measure process performance and drift, and communicate with the injection molding machine.  

What’s new? The line of GC controllers, which are more sophisticated than products in SISE’s older IS line. Upgrades include modified hardware and software. The GC’Tech combines the capabilities of the Is’Tech and the IS’PSP, allowing it to monitor the process, as well as control the valve gates.  

Benefits Traceability over the entire process, and improved user-friendliness and greater flexibility. The GC controllers communicate with the press, and compared with simpler IS products, they read and display more data per cycle.   

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Vital Statistics

Color touch-screen size7 inches10 inches
Minimum number of gates66
Maximum number of gates1836
Openings/closings per cycle, per gate210
Machine signals68