Ewikon upgrades nozzle, adds Smart Control for hot-runner systems

Dec. 26, 2019
The nozzle now has a coil heater integrated into the pressure tube for stable heating and an even temperature profile, and is designed to cover a broad range of possible shot weights.
Ewikon has enhanced its HPS III-MV multi-tip nozzle for hot-runner systems and launched a new Smart Control for monitoring hot halves.

Launched at K 2019, the upgraded HPS III-MV for the vertical gating of parts includes new features that make it easier to access and maintain. It also has a heater capable of higher temperatures and an enhanced thermal profile that make it more suitable for processing engineering resins with narrow processing windows. Examples include PC, polyoxymethylene (POM) and polyamide 66, GM Ryan Boxall said. It also works well with fiber-reinforced materials that are often used to make electronic and automotive parts.

The nozzle achieves these improvements due to a coil heater integrated into the pressure tube, which provides stable heating and an even temperature profile, he said.

The company designed the nozzle to be modular to cover a broad range of possible shot weights. Users can choose between two nozzle body sizes, four tip insert sizes and four nozzle lengths. Two body diameters are available — 38mm and 45mm. The corresponding sizes of the centering collars that hold the nozzles in the cutout of the mold are 44mm and 53mm. The two nozzle sizes can be combined with four tip insert sizes for the simultaneous gating of two to six parts, with pitch diameters ranging from 10.3mm to 21.3mm. These options allow users to select the best nozzle configurations based on the shot weights and resins they are using, Boxall said.

The nozzle is installed on the front of the manifold, which provides easy access for tip maintenance. “In a traditional mount, the nozzle is retained by the manifold plate and the entire system needs to be taken apart to remove the nozzle,” Boxall said. “In the front mount, one can gain access to the nozzle by simply removing the A-side cavity plate, leaving the manifold assembly intact.”

In the front-mount system, once the cavity plate is removed, the nozzle or tip inserts can be replaced, he said. A high-performance, hot-sprue version of the nozzle also is available.

The multi-tip nozzle incorporates part of the melt-distribution system, which allows the manifold to be compact. This reduces the total flow path length and facilitates the processing of materials that are temperature-sensitive and have a short residence time, such as POM, Boxall said. These features allow for the optimal direct gating of small or micro parts.

Ewikon’s Smart Control is a process-monitoring and diagnostic device for hot-runner systems that allows processors to take a step in the direction of Industry 4.0. The compact unit is an option available for new hot halves, which are fully assembled manifold assemblies, Boxall said. The Smart Control is delivered wired and mounted on the wiring box of the mold and is designed to stay connected for the life of the mold, Boxall said.

The Smart Control monitors, records and analyzes relevant process data and system conditions over the entire life cycle of the mold. This gives injection molders more insight into the production process. Data that is collected and permanently logged includes nozzle and manifold temperatures, running times, downtimes and shot counts.

Users can define critical values, such as temperature extremes, that will trigger a warning via email or Bluetooth connectivity. All data can be exported by using a wireless local area network or Ethernet. Three digital inputs and two digital outputs on the Smart Control can process additional digital signals.

A browser-based user interface, developed by Ewikon, displays the data and is accessible by an IP address from mobile devices or over a company network. Data also can be transmitted directly to Ewikon for remote diagnosis of system errors, which minimizes mold downtime.

Bruce Adams, senior reporter

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