T-Flow HRS comes in various sizes, configurations

June 28, 2024
Oerlikon HRSflow's temperature controller offers precision and reliability.

T-Flow HRS Oerlikon HRSflow’s T-Flow HRS is a modular, multi-zone temperature controller designed to offer high-quality performance across a spectrum of applications. It is available in a variety of configurations, and versions are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate heating zones numbering from six to 120, in increments of six. Its integrated USB port allows recipes and test reports to be installed and transferred quickly, and it can exchange data with the injection molding machine via the OPC-UA interface using the new Euromap 82.2 standard protocol. The integrated VNC server also enables convenient operation via a notebook or smartphone/tablet. It features an integrated LED strip in green, yellow and red that allows users to see its operating status at a glance.  

What’s new? The T-Flow HRS control unit, which Oerlikon HRSflow presented at NPE. 

Benefits Increased precision and reliability. The T-Flow HRS’ external heat sinks provide continuous heat dissipation, maximizing its performance and the service life of the controller. An integrated timer function promotes optimum energy utilization, and the auto standby function improves energy efficiency by intelligently controlling the unit’s power consumption. It has an intuitive, self-explanatory user interface that can help operators identify the location of the problem and guide them to quickly resolve the issue, minimizing downtime. In addition, a service file stores all the necessary information for fault analysis, and with a single click, it can be emailed to technical support. 

Oerlikon HRSflow, Byron Center, Mich., 616-228-6900, www.hrsflow.com   

Vital Statistics


Number of heating zones that can be accommodated 

Small tabletop 

From 6 to 12 zones 

Medium tabletop   

From 18 to 24 zones 

Large tabletop 

From 30 to 36 zones 

Large unit on rollers 

From 42 to 120 zones 

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