Moldex3D software adds new capabilities

May 13, 2024
Moldex3D 2024 is faster, more accurate in simulating warpage in large components.

Moldex3D Moldex3D’s computer-aided engineering software allows users to identify potential design problems and optimal solutions during the design stage for new plastic products. This helps manufacturers increase their design flexibility, lightweight parts and lower manufacturing costs.

What’s new? Moldex3D 2024, which introduces a range of new capabilities for injection molding, compression molding and resin transfer molding (RTM). The update also expands the services available through the company’s Moldiverse cloud platform, including the MHC Material Cloud, iMolding Hub, and University. These services let users evaluate and choose plastic materials and establish in-house machine databases. 

Benefits Reduced time and cost of mold reworking by addressing defects at the design stage. Moldex3D 2024 improves shrinkage prediction and reduction for injection molded parts, including foamed parts.  Its compression molding module improves accuracy of warpage and mold temperature simulation, while its resin transfer molding module provides intelligent wizard tools to facilitate evaluation and selection of suitable production conditions. Moldex3D 2024 is also faster and more accurate at simulating factors such as warpage deformation of large components such as bumpers, allowing users to improve quality and increase production output.

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