Meusburger nozzle offers economical performance

Feb. 28, 2024
The single-nozzle easyFill EH 4010 allows for problem-free processing of most plastics.

easyFill EH 4010 Meusburger’s single-nozzle easyFill EH 4010 has a modular design and borrows many components from the company’s smartFill nozzle series. It is heated with a single control zone, and the nozzle heater’s heat output distribution was adapted to eliminate the need for a second heater in the area of the nozzle housing and the sprue bush. It is available with two flow channel diameters and in four lengths. 

What’s new? The easyFill EH 4010. 

Benefits Economical performance. The easyFill EH 4010 offers a combination of new, cost-effective components. It has a one-piece, coated nozzle tip that allows for problem-free processing of most plastics, including technical ones, although there are restrictions for the use of filled plastics. The modular design of easyFill nozzles makes replacement of individual components efficient. Meusburger makes it easy for customers to select and order a nozzle, and it can deliver the easyFill EH 4010 within two working days.  

Meusburger US Inc., Mint Hill, N.C., 704-526-0330, 

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