Bay system keeps pelletizing dies clean

Feb. 2, 2024
The automated wiping system is fast and safe, and increases throughput.

Automated die wiping system This automated die wiping system from Bay Plastics Machinery (BPM) makes it easier to keep dies on strand pelletizing lines clean. Similar to a manual die wiping action with a hand-held scraper, BPM’s automated die wiper allows startups at higher throughput rates and eliminates the false starts that often occur from manual wiping. The unit features a 1.5-inch-wide brass blade and is pneumatically activated, with speed controllers to fine-tune motions. Featuring a space-saving design, it mounts directly to the die body. The angled blade reduces “interrupt” from the blade crossing die holes — increasing throughput by adding relief clearance once the blade passes. It is available for 45-degree, downward-facing, vertical or horizontal strand die plates, and can be used with single- or dual-row strand dies for die-face widths between 6 inches and 40 inches.  

What’s new? BPM’s automated die wiping system. 

Benefits Fast, safe cleaning of die faces. The wiping occurs in a single direction, moving away from the operator, and its guards allow heat to pass through. BPM said full cycle time is approximately 4 seconds, depending on die width, and a 16-inch die face can be cleaned in as little as 0.25 second. The system’s two-axis actuation parks the blade out of contact with the die face to cool the blade, reducing molten polymer adhesion while allowing access to the die plate. BPM offers custom mounting options for its automated die wiper, which is available either for stand-alone operation or integrated into strand line PLCs with customizable electronics. 

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