PCS' Polimold valve-gate sequencer improves part quality

Jan. 19, 2024
Control over material flow can help eliminate flash and short shots, and reduce the required clamping force.

Polimold PCS’ Polimold valve-gate sequencer gives molders using valve-gate hot-runner systems precise control over the opening and closing of the valve-gate pins and the mold-filling sequence. Users can choose to open and close the valve gates simultaneously or individually. Each module controls two zones, and users have the option of controlling up to 14 zones. The Polimold can be used for both pneumatic and hydraulic valve-gate systems. 

What’s new? The Polimold valve-gate sequencer. 

Benefits User-friendliness, higher-quality parts and less scrap. With the modular and compact Polimold, users can remove or re-position weld lines to improve part strength or appearance. The Polimold’s control over material flow can help eliminate flash and short shots, and also reduces the required clamping force when users choose to sequentially open and close the valve gates.  

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