Mouldpro pressure tester detects leaks in cooling circuits

Nov. 14, 2023
The device is portable and requires no power source for fast troubleshooting of molds.

Pressure Tester  This device from Danish firm Mouldpro ApS offers a straightforward way to detect water leakage within a mold’s cooling circuits. Its pressure tester includes a built-in water tank, a connected hose and two valve handles to regulate the pressure into and out of the system. In North America, the devices are available through Globeius.  

What’s new? The pressure tester.  

Benefits Fast, simple troubleshooting of injection molds. The device is portable and requires no power source because tests are performed manually. It can measure pressures as high as 870 pounds per square inch.  

Globeius, Medley, Fla., 305-889-1782,   

Vital Statistics 


7.4 inches by 20.8 inches by 12 inches 

Tank volume 

12 liters 

Maximum temperature 

122 degrees Fahrenheit 

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