Meltio integrates ABB robot into printing cell

Oct. 23, 2023
The plug-and-play metal 3D printing solution can be used for mold making and repair.

Robot Cell Meltio brought customers the option of using its wire-laser metal deposition additive manufacturing technology with any brand of robotic arm when it introduced its Meltio Engine Robot Integration. The Spanish company has now introduced its Meltio Robot Cell, which offers robotic metal 3D printing as a turnkey system. It has a Meltio wire 3D printhead attached to an ABB robotic arm within a full enclosure, and all cell controls are unified on a single control panel. Meltio’s 3D printing technology can be used to produce molds and tooling, as well as to repair or add new features to existing molds and tooling. 

What’s new? Meltio Robot Cell.  

Benefits A plug-and-play metal 3D printing solution with a simplified user experience. The Meltio Robot Cell can be loaded onto and unloaded from a truck with a standard-sized forklift, and users only need to connect it to an inert gas supply and electricity to begin manufacturing. The cell has monitoring and safety features to protect workers, the enclosure is laser-safe and the ABB robot arm has features that protect against collisions with the enclosure.  

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Vital Statistics 


13.2 feet by 8.3 feet by 9.8 feet 

Actively cooled build platform 

Up to 11.8 inches by 15.7 inches 

Maximum potential build size 

6.5 feet by 3.2 feet by 3.2 feet 

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