HCL CAMWorks interface streamlines machining

Aug. 21, 2023
The Barrel Tool Interface can improve surface finishes, and makes it easy to view, edit and save barrel tools.

HCL CAMWorks This software can be used by mold makers to automate CNC machining on a variety of machines, including for three-, four- and five-axis milling, turning and wire electrical discharge machining.

What’s new? The Barrel Tool Interface, which was introduced with HCL CAMWorks Version 2022.  CAMWorks now supports standard, conical tangent, tapered, lens and advanced user-defined barrel tools. Developed based on customer feedback, the Barrel Tool Interface allows users to view, edit and save barrel tools in the CAMWorks Technology Database. It offers options for maximum diameter and corner radius of the barrel tools, and the tools can be filtered, identified and added to the user-specific tool cribs. CAMWorks notifies the user if tool geometries fall outside defined parameters.

Benefits Accelerated production and streamlined machining. For some applications that require better surface finishes, barrel tools can improve productivity with reduced cycle times for finish and semi-finish milling operations. Their unique tool geometry also improves surface finish with fewer cutting passes.

USA HCL Americas, Scottsdale, Ariz., 480-367-0132, www.camworks.com

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