Romi VMC is stable, precise

June 15, 2023
It's suitable for use in high-production sites, as well as in tool rooms.

D 1250 Romi’s new vertical machining center (VMC) is suitable for use in high-production sites, as well as in tool rooms. It features a Fanuc 0i-MF i-HMI CNC with a 15-inch touch screen that offers different areas on its main screen for planning, machining, improvements and utilities.

What’s new? The D 1250 VMC. 

Benefits Enhanced rigidity and precision. The D 1250 is built on a stout monoblock cast-iron bed that absorbs ibration, and its direct-drive motor improves stiffness and accuracy while allowing for increased depth of cut. It has sensors that help maintain stable results in real time, even as machine temperatures rise during long working periods. Its table is supported on linear guides to offer exceptional stability, while the system’s ability to minimize vibration extends machine life and ensures cutting tools last longer.

Romi Machine Tools Ltd., Erlanger, Ky., 859-647-7566, 

Vital Statistics 

Table size 

52 inches by 22 inches 

Spindle taper (ISO) 


Tool capacity 


Maximum feed rate 

131 feet per minute 


15,400 pounds 

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