Spark, Zeiger collaborate on new nozzle

May 24, 2023
The heated tapered stainless steel nozzle is designed to work with difficult-to-process materials.

Heated tapered nozzle The result of a collaboration between Spark Industries and Zeiger, this nozzle is designed to work with difficult-to-process materials, including halogen-free flame retardants and resins in the sulfone family.  

What’s new? The nozzle, which features swaged stainless steel construction; a precision-wound, high-surface-area heating element wire; and a replaceable thermocouple. 

Benefits Ability to handle difficult materials. The nozzle minimizes specks and streaks when used in applications involving PC, and alleviates sulfidation when used with sulfone resins. The nozzle has a continuous taper for self-cleaning, making possible faster color changes. 

Fast Heat by Spark Industries, Elkhart, Ind., Elkhart, ‪574-606-4243,

Zeiger Industries, Canton, Ohio, 330-484-4413, 


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