ANCA upgrades automation modules

April 25, 2023
The AIMS system can be configured to handle a company's needs, whether simple or complex.

AIMS ANCA has responded to the challenges presented by the labor shortage with an automated solution that can be scaled to meet the needs of small to large tool manufacturers. The ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) consists of individual automation modules that can be configured to meet a company’s needs, from a simple trolley for manual pallet and tool transfer with basic ERP connectivity, to a complex, fully autonomous system that prepares workpieces, delivers them to workstations, handles machine tending and grinding, and delivers finished parts.

What’s new? A series of upgrades, including the introduction of the next generation of the AutoFetch autonomous mobile robot (AMR). Its pallet-transfer abilities have been improved by replacing an on-board cobot with a roller transfer. The AutoLine module has been redesigned to include a tool wash-and-dry system.  

Benefits Flexible production with less demand for skilled workers. Capabilities can be scaled up to include the AutoSet module, which prepares pallets with tool blanks for upcoming jobs; AutoComp, which measures and compensates to keep each batch in tolerance; or AutoMarkX, which handles tool laser-marking tasks.   

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