Meltio adds laser-calibration system

Feb. 24, 2023
The easy-to-use system promotes quality in 3D-printed metal components, including molds.

Laser-calibration system Spanish firm Meltio produces wire-laser metal 3D printers that can be used to manufacture metal molds for the thermoplastics processing sector. The company now offers a laser-calibration system to ensure accuracy and avoid misalignments, which can lead to part defects and waste energy.  

What’s new? The laser-calibration system, which includes all the necessary components to work with Meltio’s M450 metal 3D printer, the Meltio Engine CNC or its Robot Integration.  

Benefits Ease of use. The system’s software interfaces with portable tablets. It is simple to set up and run, and it cuts traditional calibration time in half. The system makes calibration an easily repeatable process, promoting consistent quality. It comes with a protective carrying case. 

Meltio US, [email protected], 248-568-8141, 

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