Oerlikon HRSflow components handle PCR, biopolymers

Feb. 9, 2023
They deliver efficient, stable, reliable manufacture of small parts in a variety of market segments.

New low-shot-weight systems Oerlikon HRSflow’s stable of products now includes components for manufacturers of demanding, small-shot-weight parts, as well as complete systems that meet injection molders’ need for tight nozzle pitches. The portfolio can address the needs of manufacturers in a number of segments, including medical technology, thin-walled packaging, beverage bottles, home goods, and beauty and personal-care products. A version with a specially coated nozzle tip is available for processing highly corrosive polymers including flame-retardant compounds. 

What’s new? A version of the system that can process biopolymers and post-consumer-recycled compounds. A number of models of Oerlikon HRSflow nozzles are appropriate for the system — including the new Sp (valve-gate), Xp, Vp and Vf nozzles, which all came out in January, as well as the Sa, Tp and Sp (thermal-gate) nozzles. 

Benefits Efficient, stable, reliable manufacture of small components. With the systems, users can take advantage of short cycle times and fast startups, and execute fast color changes and maintenance. 

 Oerlikon HRSflow USA, Byron Center, Mich., 616-228-6900, www.hrsflow.com   

Vital Statistics 

Nozzle series 







Face-to-face or screwed-in 








Multicavity molding 

Technical applications, low-cavitation molding 

Multicavity molding 

Multicavity molding 

Fast-cycle applications, 
caps and closures

Thin-walled packaging 

Shot-weight capability range 

0.2 gram to 15 grams 

0.2 gram to 15 grams 

0.2 gram to 30 grams 

2 grams to 50 grams 

0.5 gram to 8 grams 

2 to 120 grams 
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