Software simplifies use of Meltio metal 3D printers

Jan. 17, 2023
The company's Meltio Horizon software is tailored to its printers; offers cost-per-part calculations.

Meltio Horizon Spanish firm Meltio offers wire-laser metal 3D printing technologies that include its Meltio M450 3D printer. The printer can work with metals including stainless steels, Inconel and copper, and can be used for cladding or to manufacture metal molds for use in the thermoplastic sector. Until the release of its proprietary toolpath generator software called Meltio Horizon, the company had relied on third-party software for its printers. The printer is suitable for both prototyping and full-scale production. 

What’s new? Meltio Horizon software. Besides offering the normal slicing parameters used in fused filament fabrication printing software such as layer height, line width and print speed, Meltio Horizon gives users access to parameters specific to Meltio’s laser-wire process and material-specific settings.

Benefits Ease of use. The software is tailored for use with Meltio’s printer, providing only settings relevant to Meltio’s laser-wire metal 3D printing process, built-in profiles for Meltio materials and the ability to automatically calculate the cost per part in a project.

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