StackTeck designs solution for can production

Dec. 22, 2022
The five-piece collapsing core mechanism allows the cans to be produced in one piece, saving machine time and energy.

Five-piece collapsing core StackTeck worked with a customer to replace its two-piece design for producing plastic paint cans with a mold that allowed the cans to be produced in one piece. The innovative five-piece collapsing core mechanism that made the procedure possible is especially well-suited to part designs that require large undercuts. It offers dramatic thin-walling capability, with undercut size increases about double what is possible with single-piece core mold designs. The technology has been used to produce 0.5-liter, 1-liter and 1-quart round cans using recycled PP. 

What’s new? The five-piece design, which StackTeck displayed — alongside sample cans — at the K Show.  

Benefits Improved production efficiency. The new mold reduces floor-space requirements and cuts the energy required when two machines are needed to produce multiple can components. The mold maintains all water-cooled core components, allowing it to maintain a fast cycle time. It also eliminates several manufacturing steps, including the need for bonding the two components together, boosting output.  

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