FlowSet balances material flow in multiple cavities

Jan. 2, 2023
The newest version improves the balancing system and the valve gate system to reduce friction and wear for longer life, and adds remote-access capabilities.

FlowSet This technology from Nexus optimizes the flow of materials like LSR, silicone, rubber and heat-cured rubber in cold runners with between two and 32 cavities. It is ideal for medium to large parts. Both manual and electric control systems are available. 

What’s new? Continued improvements of the balancing system and the valve-gate system to reduce friction and wear for longer life, and new remote-access capabilities. At the K Show, injection molding machine maker Wittmann Group exhibited a servo-hydraulic SmartPower 120/350 LIM. It made four different liquid silicone caps for beverage containers using a four-cavity mold from Nexus, equipped with FlowSet needle shut-off regulation. 

Benefits The balancing of each individual cavity without interrupting the injection process.   

Nexus Elastomer Systems Inc., Chicago, 43-50-1215-200, www.nexus-elastomer.com/en/coldrunner

Wittmann USA Inc., Torrington, Conn.,860-496-9603, www.wittmann-group.com

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