Meusburger couplers keep cooling media from leaking

Oct. 20, 2021
The E 25 couplers connect injection molds to heating and cooling lines and have a flat-face valve on both sides.

E 25 couplers These couplers from Meusburger are used to connect injection molds to heating and cooling lines. They have a flat-face valve on both sides, ensuring that no cooling media can escape during decoupling, which enhances users’ safety.  

What’s new? The E 25 line of couplers. Available in threaded or quick-fit-nozzle versions, they come in DN6 and DN9 nominal widths. The standard version is appropriate for use with water up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit and oil up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, a threaded, high-temperature version is available that features extremely durable FKM seals that can withstand water temperatures up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit and oil as hot as 428 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Benefits Safety and cleanliness. Thanks to their O-ring seals, the couplers can be quickly and cleanly screwed in without the use of thread sealant and engage automatically for convenient, one-handed operation. Their low-leakage design makes them appropriate for use in clean rooms. Additionally, their optimized flow geometry minimizes pressure drops.  

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