Hasco launches streamlined hot-runner control

May 28, 2021
The H1250 Basezone unit provides four zones of temperature control and forgoes unnecessary features for affordability and simplified operation.

H1250 Basezone Hasco’s new hot-runner control unit provides four zones of temperature control. The streamlined device forgoes unnecessary features, keeping it simple with boost and standby functions and the ability to switch over to manual operation mode. Users operate the control unit via an intuitive keypad next to the temperature display. For each zone, the display shows the current status and any error reports, such as excess temperature or a sensor break. The unit measures only 8.3 inches wide by 6.9 inches tall. 

What’s new? The H1250 Basezone unit. It joins two other hot-runner controllers in the H1250 series, which offer one and two zones of temperature control.   

Benefits Affordability and simplicity. The rugged, plug-and-play unit is easy to operate, provides precise control and is available from stock at an affordable price.  

Hasco America Inc., Fletcher, N.C., 828-650-2600, www.hasco.com