Haas offers affordable heat shrink machine

May 27, 2021
The HSF-325 makes tool setups faster, with a simple LCD display and controls.

HSF-325 heat shrink machine The bores on shrink-fit tool holders are slightly undersized at room temperature for the tools they will hold. The Haas HSF-325 heat shrink machine has an induction heating head that causes the bore to quickly expand enough to let the tool drop into place, then its cooling unit blasts the tool holder with shop air, causing the bore to contract and hold the tool tightly. The HSF-325 is a benchtop unit with a simple LCD display where users can select manual or automatic mode, and one button to start the heating cycle, and a second button to start the timed cool-down cycle.

What’s new? The HSF-325. 

Benefits Faster tool setups. The HSF-325 accurately sets tools in shrink-fit tool holders, which provide clamp forces more than double that of collet systems. This powerful hold makes shrink-fit tool holders appropriate for high-spindle-speed applications. The HSF-325 can accommodate all of Haas’ shrink-fit toolholders, in any taper it offers, and is available for $6,995.95.

Haas Automation Inc., Oxnard, Calif., 805-278-1800, www.haascnc.com