New Haas machining center boosts power

May 5, 2021
The VR-9's spindle boasts 50 percent more power and 40 percent more torque than the one on Haas’ GM-2-5AX.

VR-9 This series of five-axis vertical machining centers from Haas has a gimbal head, where both rotary axes are mounted onto the Z-axis and the workpiece remains stationary on the machine’s table. The VR series machines avoid the potential for crashes while machining by using data from calibration cycles to calculate safe zone features that limit the spindle’s travel in certain ranges. Standard features for the VR-9 include a 50+1 tool changer and a 95-gallon coolant capacity.

What’s new? The VR-9, which has a larger X-axis travel than its predecessor.

Benefits Increased power. Its 20,000-rpm HSK-A63 integral-motor spindle offers 50 percent more power and 40 percent more torque than the spindle on Haas’ GM-2-5AX, allowing for more aggressive material removal. It can handle workpieces too large or heavy to rotate on traditional rotary axes and can perform multi-sided machining in a single setup.

Haas Automation Inc., Oxnard, Calif., 805-278-1800,

Vital statistics

X Axis

84 inches

Y Axis

40 inches

Z Axis

42 inches

Table length and width

84 inches by 36 inches

Maximum weight on table

4,000 pounds