Agathon system combines mold centering, guiding functions

April 7, 2021
The Guide System Plus precisely positions injection mold halves and plates.

Guide System Plus This new system from Agathon precisely positions injection mold halves and plates. It comes in four sizes, is adaptable to many old and new tooling designs and is appropriate for use in temperatures up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Each bushing and pillar comes with a retaining ring that is adjustable to various mold plate thicknesses.   

What’s new? Guiding and centering in one device. Agathon has reinterpreted traditional mold guidance and centering systems to create an all-in-one device that performs both tasks.   

Benefits Reduced cost and durability. With Guide System Plus, there are fewer components to install and manufacturing the pockets needed for conventional flat centering is not necessary. Additionally, the system’s heavy-duty, precision rollers allow for faster speeds and last from five to 12 times longer than systems with sliding guides. The rollers provide consistent, accurate movement of the mold halves or plates, ensuring alignment repeatability and consistent part quality.  

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