Vision Engineering offers its first CMM product

May 13, 2021
The Deltron is compact and durable enough for shop floor use.

Deltron This CNC coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Vision Engineering features a solid granite plate and a three-armed delta mechanism that controls motion for the light, strong carbon fiber rod that holds the CMM’s probes. Its ViTouch3D software is easily used by operators who are beginners or experts.

What’s new? The CMM. While Vision Engineering has an established line of non-contact metrology equipment, this is its first CMM product.

Benefits Shop floor durability. The Deltron does not require a dedicated temperature-controlled room. It uses five temperature sensors to monitor the CMM and its surroundings, allowing it to automatically compensate and report all measurements as if they were taken at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It has fully sealed recirculating bearings, which keep out dirt and offer smooth, fast operation. Its compact footprint allows it to fit on shop floors where space is at a premium. It can be used as an automated in-process measurement system with a closed feedback loop.

Vision Engineering Inc., New Milford, Conn., 860-355-3776,

Vital statistics

Measuring diameter (inches)


Measuring height (inches)


Table load capacity (pounds)


Scale resolution (microns)


Operational temperature range (degrees Fahrenheit)

41 to 113

Machine weight (pounds)