Haas tool presetter saves setup time

April 1, 2021
The HTS400 offers plug-and-play capability with all Haas machines and many from other manufacturers.

HTS400 Tool Presetter Starting with a sturdy, thermally stabilized steel structure, steel linear guides with preloaded, recirculating ball-bearing slides and a high-precision ISO 40 tool sleeve, Haas’ HTS400 tool presetter accurately measures the geometry of cutting tools used in CNC machining centers. The package includes the presetter, a heavy-duty table with storage shelf, a tool tray for up to 18 toolholders, a thermal printer with labels and a handheld Haas wireless data matrix scanner. Tool offset data can be transferred to machines via a local area network, a USB memory device or label scans.

What’s new? The HTS400

Benefits Maximized machine runtime and quick ROI. The HTS400 allows operators to measure offset data while a CNC machine is running its current job. It has plug-and-play compatibility with all Haas machines and a variety of other machines, so it can have tool information ready for each machine’s next job, shortening setup time. It has a user-friendly interface, and it eliminates errors caused by manually entering offset data. The HTS400 is priced at $12,995.95.

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