Okuma offers bridge mill machine

March 8, 2021
Double-column construction of the MB-80V offers stability and accuracy, ability to take on large workpieces.

MB-80V Okuma’s machining center combines double-column construction and heavy mass with a vertical spindle, making it one of the industry’s few true bridge mill machines. It is well-suited to handling large, challenging workpieces.

What’s new? Size. The MB-80V is unique in Okuma’s lineup, and offers a larger work envelope than any of its competitors’ machines. It also has an improved ergonomic design.

Benefits Flexibility. The bridge mill layout allows the part to be mounted anywhere on the table, and multiple workpieces can be set up, as opposed to a C-frame design, which limits access to the table. The dual columns of a bridge mill allow the table to move between them, increasing stability and improving machine accuracy, reducing vibration and decreasing wear on components. The MB-80V has a wide lineup of spindles available, allowing for highly efficient machining of die and mold parts, and chip removal is much easier than on other large vertical machining centers.

Okuma America Corp., Charlotte, N.C., 704-588-7000, www.okuma.com

Vital statistics

Machine footprint (feet)

14.8 by 9.8

Machine height (feet)


Maximum travel X/Y/Z, (feet)


Table size (feet)

5.25 by 2.6

Maximum workpiece size (feet)

8.6 by 3.3 by 2